What you do with payments and subscriptions is a highly custom thing so it is pretty hard to write a generic integration guide, but one typical thing you might want to do is disable access to most of the site if the subscription fails being active. You can accomplish this by adding the payments.middleware.ActiveSubscriptionMiddleware to your


There are two settings you’ll need to define for this middleware to work. The first, SUBSCRIPTION_REQUIRED_EXCEPTION_URLS is a list of url names that the user can access no matter what, and the second one, SUBSCRIPTION_REQUIRED_REDIRECT is the url to redirect them to if they hit a pay-only page.

Of course, your site might function more on levels and limits rather than lockout. It’s up to you to write the necessary code to interpret how your site should behave, however, you can rely on request.user.customer giving you an object with relevant information to make that decision such as customer.plan and customer.has_active_subscription.